day 1


source of secret longing
yet unknown to even me
now you are revealed



Hiding within
your fleshy cocoon,
you enter every door
before me.

Weeks counted,
imaged in sound,
centimeters dividing
your widening entrance.

Snow melting,
green grass
whispering your name,
the vernal earth awaits.

Oxygen molecules
hover anticipating
inhalation of
your first breath.

Bearing down,
harsh lights looking on,
soft breasts
seek you.

This world
calling forth,
can resist you
no longer.


Be careful for nothing

Don’t be anxious
Fret…over anything: but

(not in somethings
certain things
a few
In EVERYthing, by prayer!

And supplication…
supplication – n. The act of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly

Let your request be made


The Peace of God

Which passeth all understanding
(that means it’s
Beyond your understanding,
Beyond my understanding,
Beyond any person’s understanding
It is a Peace that
continually stretches past
what we can know, or perceive,
or fathom with our human mind.)

That Peace of God

Shall keep your hearts

and your minds



Sighing deep in my soul

Sighing deep in my soul,
unconfined, pellucid, molten prayers flowing down my cheeks,
I exhale…

God, singularly sovereign,
You are.
None other can claim such aseity.

Above! Below!
Earth, sky, grass, trees,
all men rumbling by, birds
on wires, tiniest of delicate pink
blossoms under foot,
all have You put in place.

Can I even thoroughly hold in my mind the beauty of the heavens which You have made?

Can I know Your outstretched arms by which
all I see
and all I cannot yet see,
was wrought?

So unfathomable is Your greatness that only one thing am I assured: that there is nothing You cannot do.

And yet You love each one
in this multitude.
So many are we, yet
every one
covered continually with Your lovingkindness.

And this more,
though fallen down, hurtful,
breaking and broken I may find myself,
You can heal and mend my sin,
which I have even kindled in the
bosom of my children.

The Great the Mighty God, The Lord of hosts is Your Name

…liquid prayers rain over my lips and soften the syllables spoken slowly,


“By the gift of faith…”

“…you touch God, you enter into contact with His very substance and reality, in darkness: because nothing accessible, nothing comprehensible to our senses and reason can grasp His essence as it is in itself. But faith transcends all these limitations, and does so without labor. for it is God Who reveals Himself to us, and all that is required of us is the humility to accept His revelation, and accept it on the conditions under which it comes to us: from the lips of men.” Thomas Merton


Friend Request

Sent to me
Long before
I was born

Prodded and poked
Many times
Still I ignored

Written on my wall
Inside of
My heart

Far more to accept
Than a simple
Point and click

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No selfie here
Selfless love

vox dei

To praise
the very vibration that resonates,
often unheard,
in each movement
of your creation,
that is my purpose

I’ll trust
that you spoke me
into life,
what a gift
beyond human words

This flesh
crying liquid tears
full of earthly salt
is a small thing
next to your almighty voice
ringing in my soul.