Please, excuse my forwardness
I’m just wondering
how can one say yellow
and expect me to know what color is implied?

For you see…

There is the woody assertive fresh
of forsythia
That draws sunlight through itself
and waxes green.

There is the delicate nodding shy
of daffodils
that makes one imagine sweet girls
in frilled Easter dresses.

There is the familiar friendly tenacious
of dandelion
that plants itself firmly in the earth and transforms sunlight
into windswept wishes.

There is the speckled sunlight golden
of St. Johnswort
that hides within its flesh a mysterious
healing red balm.

There is the rich fuzzy nourishing
of mullein
That offers its pollen, a heavy laden
treasure on the legs of bees.

There is the calm sweet milky
of honeysuckle
that reveals peaceful affection
in generous curled back petals.

There is the majestic abundant
of sunflower
that draws vitality up its sturdy stalk
and showers strength down upon us
with its nodding head.

There is the arenaceous wafting
of goldenrod
that hangs in late summer haze
and reminds us to not take its slowly fading hue
for granted.

So when you say yellow
can you kindly be clear?
Of precisely which yellow do you speak?

©A. Cele


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