Calling it a Day

Today is the last day of the Writer’s Digest PAD challenge. I’ve written a poem almost every day for this entire month, sometimes 2 (missed only one day when I was suffering from a migraine). I fear I am becoming poetry obsessed; but greater than that fear is the realization that writing has been a shelter during these past several, rather uncertain weeks of my life. Here is my last poem of the month. The prompt was to write a poem about “calling it a day!” I’ve tried to recap some of the themes of this month’s previous poems and to speak truth to what this past month of writing has revealed to me.


Calling it a Day

April entered dusty and dull
with the inkling of something new
and the ghosts of the past
caught up
like torn rags in my bare branches.

Day by day voyages ensued.
Mixed messages and modest discoveries were unearthed
as I submitted myself,
constraining my heart to prompt and
timely penned words.

And therein I discovered
violence and peace, storge,
philia, eros
and agape which banished hate,
specs of faith stored away like the wrinkled packets of seeds
in a box in the corner of the mudroom.

I was apprehended by memories of
sunny yellow days on long ago distant
shores mingled with small scurrying
worries underfoot.

And discerning, too,
that the hanging of hope on false hooks
and imaginings of forgiveness will
not make me
For in reality there are no magic
wands to chase away the monsters

Lord, I can’t feel the sun today!
So I’m crawling under the covers and I’m calling it a day,
calling it a month!

But I’m holding on to the hope that whatever the weather
and in every season whether fall-
ing down or rising up,
You’ve apprehended me and I am held secure in your sheltering arms.

And I remember my sister
holding her hands out wide and singing
with every sinew of her soul,
“Lord, we need your rain!”
And I know that tomorrow will come
filled to overflowing
with Your immeasurable love.


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