Little Grey Mouse

I wrote this sestina a few weeks ago. Today its words were fulfilled! Now I need to find this little guy a new home far away. I should perhaps re-title it “Little Brown Mouse.”.

Ooh there you are, little grey mouse.
It seems that you think I inhabit your house.
How funny it seems you think that I might
Be the pest of the kingdom you rule in the night.
When by chance we do meet you run, bolt in a hurry.
I also do jump with a startling worry.

The presents you leave are the source of my worry.
Unwanted in cabinets are droppings of mouse.
I dash for the bleach with no little hurry.
And spray every surface and crack of this house.
I wonder perhaps when you come back this night,
If you’ll think that I cleaned it for you, well you might.

I resolve that I’ll need more power and might
To reclaim my kingdom, though how? I now worry,
For I do not wish to snuff out this small knight.
But I am afraid, oh small valiant mouse
That I must now reclaim my stake on this house.
I will set up a trap for tonight when you scurry.

So to the garage it’s my turn to scurry.
I find a small box and I think that I might
Find some wire mesh and a spring in the house.
I fashion and fix my trap, but I worry
Is it able to draw you oh grey little mouse,
Into its lair as you search in the night.

And so I have set up my trap for this night,
Strategically placed in the path where you scurry.
I wonder the tastiest treat for you, mouse,
A snack so delicious and fragrant you might
Be drawn to my box without any worry.
I find in my fridge cookie dough. Yum! Toll House!

I add peanut butter to the glob of Toll House.
I smear it inside the box at midnight.
To bed I retire with wonder and worry,
Will my trap draw you in as you scramble and scurry?
Will the spring then release with enough speed and might
To prevent your escape, oh little grey mouse?

Good morning grey mouse! Let’s go find your new house!
In this barn there are several places you might tiptoe and scamper and creep in the night.
I’ve left you some snacks so you won’t have to worry, and please, back to my house, don’t you scurry!


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