Things that Pull Asunder
When one is unhappy about one’s situation and yet fails to take steps to improve it. When honesty is met with refusal or blame. When one attempts to hide a thing that is obvious. Unopened mail and overflowing garbage cans. When one denies a gift, or the fulfillment of a need out of pride and anger. When a plea for help is misinterpreted as a selfish demand or perhaps a sign of weakness. When all of the dishes have been washed and the dirty water remains in the sink. When tenderness is refused. Hours spent in silence.

Things that Bind
Walks at the park on the first warm spring day with a small child skipping along in delight. The warm, golden smell of yellow rice, beans with sautéed sweet onions, and paneer with spiced greens that fills one’s nose when walking in the door after an exhausting day. When weariness is met with support. When dreams are followed by action. When one is convinced to escape for a few hours to the beach, and despite a fear of riptides and the unknown, is drawn into the blessed coolness of the water. When tenderness is permitted. Hours spent in silence.

The NaPoWriMo day 9 prompt was to write a list of thing in the style of the 10th century poet and Japanese courtier, Sei Shonagon. Her witty and sometimes unsympathetic observations in her Pillow Book make for an entertaining read.


8 thoughts on “Things

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  3. I currently identify with the first line of “Things that pull asunder” but I really really love the imagery and feeling produced by “Things that bind.” Good work!

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